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Experience Matters - The Musicpro Consulting team has a proven track record of music production at the highest levels. We know what it takes to make great music and we don't apologize for setting the standard high. To get that "radio sound", we work  in world class studios with world class musicians. The results speak for themselves. We'd love to join up with you and your music and make something special. Get Help with Your Music Production

  • Full Music Production

    We at MusicPro Consulting will listen to your goals you have set for your career and set up the best way to put you on the path towards achieving them.  We can help with direction, songwriting, song editing as well as full project music production.

  • Track Production

    We work with the finest musicians, background singers and engineers in Nashville.  Let MusicPro Consulting craft the perfect team to track and sing on your project

  • Vocal Production

    We will produce vocals for you that will bring out the very best performances for your project.  We can also edit and tune to make them as good as any in the industry.

  • Technology

    We use cutting edge technology such as ProTools to record and program every project.  We also use state of the art microphones, preamps and compressors to give you that “professional” sound.

  • Song Analysis

    We have vast experience in songwriting and can help you shape your material to rival that of any in the Music Business.  MusicPro Consulting can provide everything from co-writing to procuring songs for your project.

  • Audio Mixing

    We have relationships with many of the top mixing engineers in the music business and can pair you up with the engineer that best matches your sound goals. We also have an in-house Pro Tool mix room.

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